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7 Amazing Reasons To Kiss Your Spouse

Uncategorized May 15, 2021
Let’s talk about kissing, kissing, and more kissing. It is so good for your marriage and for you too. Here are some great reasons you might want to kiss your spouse more often, and maybe even right now. As if you needed another reason to kiss your amazing, attractive,  spouse, but here are a few more reasons anyway!
Kissing - A Boost for Love Life & Heart
When you kiss often, research reveals there is a positive impact on your body. Kissing stabilizes cardiovascular activity which can lower cholesterol levels and even your blood pressure. Kissing also reduces your experience of physical anxiety by increasing your levels oxytocin, the bonding hormone, which fosters a feeling of calm relaxation.  Your heart and spouse will thank you!

Fill-Up Your Love Tank with Kisses

Kissing, no doubt, involves physical touch. And guess what? Physical touch is one of the 5 Love Languages helping to fill up our emotional love tank! We all need to be hugged, touched, and kissed. Some of us need physical touch more than others but we all need to be close! So fill up your spouse’s love tank with some much-needed kisses. You just might feel more love in your heart and in your marriage.
The Kissing Facial
Want to tighten your facial muscles? Well, we have some good news for you! Recent clinical studies show that kissing uses up to 30 facial muscles! So you can enjoy being close and you will have an added bonus of a toned face. 

Kissing Burns Calories

Now, we are not saying you can stop exercising altogether, but how fun to add kissing to the list of calorie-burning activities! One study showed you can burn up to 26 calories per minute kissing. It may need to be a passionate make-out session to get the maximum calorie burn, but we won’t complain! So, get a workout in and kiss one another! 
Kissing Reduces Stress
Life is stressful. Work is stressful. Kids are awesome, but raising kids can be stressful. And sometimes, yes, marriage too can be stressful. But thankfully, kissing releases serotonin and endorphins which reduces stress in the body. Kissing your spouse will naturally reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. A simple plan to de-stress can be as wonderful as passionately kissing one another.  Good bye stress, hello kissing!

Kissing Lights up Your Passion

Need to boost the passion in your marriage? Kissing is known to put sex on the brain. Kissing signals to the brain and body that you are safe, loved, and you desire to connect physically with one another. So, give your marriage, and your sex life, a boost with some kissing.
Kissing Extends Your Life
Daily kissing lengthens your life. Wait, what? Are you sure? Yes! It’s true! Even for all the doubters out there, research reveals that couples who kiss daily live 5 years longer than those who don't. Who would have thought? We all could live (and live longer) with a few more kisses!
So, try some extra kisses today! Kisses are obviously free, and often, the more you kiss, the more you will want to kiss and the more benefits will follow. Not to mention, it is just fun and helps you feel more connected to one another!

How AMAZING it is that you are the ONLY person on the planet who gets to passionately kiss your spouse!

And now, you have lots of great reasons to initiate a playful smooch, butterfly kisses, a soft peck, a long passionate kiss, or if the kids are not around, a full make-out session!
Don’t delay!
Get to kissing, and enjoy all the benefits in your marriage today!

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