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Marriage Goals 2021!

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2021

It is a new year and a new opportunity to make your marriage the greatest it can be.

It seems like everyone sets intentions, goals or chooses a word for the New Year! What about your marriage?

We have the power to choose each and every day where we will place our focus, energy and time. With a bit of intentional goal setting and consistent effort, we can create increased connection, safety, growth and relationship satisfaction.

You and your spouse are unique and have already created a unique bond like no other. Small positive choices can transform your marriage into your greatest marriage ever! 

Okay, sounds great but won’t that take a lot of work? 

You might ask, 

“Don’t you have to make big changes to create your greatest marriage ever?”

The answer is no! 

Although it still takes work, small but consistent changes create big results. 

Recent research shows that focusing ON THE POSITIVE in life and relationships leads to increased resilience, safety and connection in marriage.

You heard me right, focusing ON THE POSITIVE in your relationship can increase your marital satisfaction because it increases your positive mood, positivity affect and resilience!


That’s pretty amazing and positivity isn’t so hard! Right?

Can’t find anything to be positive about? Be creative and consider positive things that could come from your current situation. Think about how you might learn something valuable from a challenge or share how your spouse makes your life better and sweeter even in hard times!

For example, if you blew the budget at Christmas, it could cause you to increase your  communication concerning finances and create a plan to get out of debt. 2021 could be your year of financial freedom! Now, that would be super positive!

And, you will be filling up your spouses emotional reservoir as you use your new-found positivity to complement, appreciate and validate your spouse. 

GREATEST WAY TO APPLY POSITIVITY: Ask your spouse what area of daily life could use more positivity, complements, appreciation and validation. Then get to it!

Start off 2021 with goal setting and intentionality. You will be on your way to create your GREATEST MARRIAGE EVER!



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